JBL Charge 2 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built-In Mic and PowerBank (Blue)

  • Social Mode Lets 3 People Take Turns Playing Their Play-lists
  • Passive Radiators Deliver A Powerful Sound Experience
  • Built-in Microphone Allows You To Answer Calls
  • Charges Your Device So You Can Listen Longer
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Descripción del Producto

Charge 2 delivers JBL best-in-class audio in a powerful, portable speaker that keeps the music cool and relaxed from your Bluetooth enabled mobile device. Dual drivers are coupled with twin passive radiators for accurate deep hitting bass that will turn heads around it. Charge your favorite smartphone or tablet with the rechargeable 12 hour 6000mAh battery perfect for a full night of music. Stream your music wirelessly via Bluetooth and control volume, track skips and play/start of the music right from Charge 2. Who’s on speakerphone? Everyone, with noise and echo cancellation that keep greater depth and clarity to your conversations. Social Mode will keep things interesting as three of your friends playing their music all from your speaker.
Peso estimado del paquete0.91 kg
Dimensiones estimadas del paquete24.13 x 16.76 x 10.16 cm
Modelo referencialCHARGEIIBLUEU
  1. anonymous


    I am writing this review mostly as a comparison to the Bose Mini Soundlink as that is the most comparable and one of the highest rated portable bluetooth speakers on the market. Yes, the Bose sounds amazing as you have probably read in many of the reviews. I was lucky enough to be able to compare them side by side as a friend of mine has a mini. I was actually planning on getting a Bose for myself, but wanted to wait until I checked out this JBL Charge 2. I’m glad I waited! As I said, the Bose sounds amazing but when put side by side with this JBL, the difference is clear!Not only is the JBL 50 bucks cheaper, but to my surprise, it actually sounds better!! I’m no audiophile by any means, just your average consumer, but I like my music to sound good and this makes it sound great! The sound emitted from this is more true to what it should sound like whereas the Bose seems almost to heavy and artificial, mostly when it comes to the bass notes. Not something that would be noticed if just listening to one or the other by itself. The musical range is great and although the JBL is plastic, I would feel much more comfortable toting it around with me compared to the Bose.Of course you know that it has the capability of charging USB items with it’s 6000mAh battery, hence the product name “Charge”, so I don’t really need to get into that too much I don’t think. One downfall is that it doesn’t come with a carrying case/pouch. I was looking on the Best Buy website and it says it does, but that is bad information. Another downfall is JBL/Harmon doesn’t make a pouch that you can just buy as an accessory, but I have found a few generic ones here on that would work for around the $10 price range.Read more ›

  2. anonymous


    Comparison to the original JBL Charge. I went to all the local electronics store to test mini bluetooth speakers. I considered the really small speakers but they were only marginally better than the built in phone/tablet speakers so I moved up to the next sizes. I tried all that I could find and based on overall size, price, sound quality, volume, battery capacity, functions, and general aesthetics I felt the original JBL Charge offered the best of everything. I purchased it at the local big box and just a couple days later JBL started selling the JBL Charge 2 on their website, so figuring it’s probably more of a good thing I ordered it right away.I will say that either one is not comparable to a full size jambox, home theater system, a quality shelf system, or other type of larger sound system or larger bluetooth speakers. What I wanted and what these are, is something very compact with enough volume to fill a normal residential room, but it’s not a solution for a house party or at least I wouldn’t use them for that purpose. They are perfect for listening to music at home, in the office, in the back yard, or to take on a road trip.Similarities. They are very similar in size, shape and design. They have two speaker drivers behind the front grill. They are recharged via micro usb (cable and power supply included). They are rated at 12 hours play time with bluetooth. They also have full size usb power outputs to charge your phone or portable device with a standard usb cable.Differences: The original speakers are 2 x 5 watts. The Charge 2 is 2 x 7 watts. The original Charge comes with a very nice form fitting neoprene case, the Charge 2 does not (a big disappointment).Read more ›

  3. anonymous


    Update 2015:I noticed that newer units have some of the issues described below finally fixed. I ordered a “refubished” unit from the JBL outlet store with 1/3 discount compared to a new unit, and the refurbished unit appeared completely new as well, no difference to a new more expensive unit. To my surprise the refurbished unit had no distortion anymore, like my very first unit that I bought back in September 2014. A conversatin with a JBL support technician confirmed that newer units have a different firmware installed. Unfortunately artefacts at lower levels are still there, maybe slightly less than at the beginning, but the JBL Charge 2 only starts to sound clean up from 5th volume step, everything below remains rather messy for discerning ears Unfortunately you will never know if you receive a unit from a new batch or an older batch, therefore and because of the strange sound at low levels, I have to take away 1 star, because otherwise the JBL Charge 2 would be one of the best in its class!The JBL Charge 2 has a pretty mature sound, much rounder than the old JBL Charge (which was just average at best with a really hollow and cheap sound when directly compared to the new one), now even surpassing the Bose Soundlink Mini IMO. The bass is equally powerful maybe reaching slightly deeper, but not that boomy as the Bose with much better treble definition that is not that extremely directional either. You can listen to the JBL from above and still have nice clear treble, while with the Bose you only get a boomy muffled mess.Read more ›

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