Marshall Stanmore Bluetooth Speaker, Cream (4090839)

  • Portable Bluetooth player with 80W output
  • Multi input for Bluetooth, RCA or Optical
  • Classic Marshall design details
  • Includes US and UK adapter
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Descripción del Producto

非常便携,有多个音频接口,可无线播放iPhone,iPad或iPod touch上的音乐,具有强大的舞台表演性能。Stanmore的经典设计可重现摇滚乐的黄金时代,具有模拟互动旋钮,可进行自定义的音乐控制。复古前卫的风格,黄铜材质,印有标志性的logo,可和家里任何其他马歇尔产品搭配使用。可通过蓝牙无线连接,使用RCA输入插入录音设备,或者使用附带的线圈线将iOS设备连接到3.5 mm辅助端口。Stanmore还可与苹果电视和其他具有光输出的设备兼容。
Peso estimado del paquete6.12 kg
Dimensiones estimadas del paquete44.81 x 28.6 x 24 cm
Modelo referencial04090839
  1. anonymous


    I love my Bose SoundLink, so when I saw this Marshall Stanmore at the Apple Store it was indeed an impulse buy. But once I brought the unit home, I was so glad I caved-in to my impulse. The Stanmore sounds so much better at home than in the store.The Stanmore paired easily with my iPad and iPhone (5). Never in the evening did I experience a drop in Bluetooth reception.The unit does not have an internal battery, so that helps to define its use. It’s powered by standard household current with an internal power supply; no external transformer cords to mess with. I love the volume and tone control knobs on the top, as I often like to tweak the sound quality. I know I can go into my Apple iOS settings, but adjusting the knobs is so easy and immediate (and retro).We have nice in-wall speakers, but this little box filled the entire room with rich sound. Last night was mostly acoustic Diana Krall; at no time did I feel the Marshall was a compromise to my component system with this musical genre. I tried my classic test: Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers’ “Moanin’ “; oh my god, I could just feel the spittle from the sax mouthpiece flying across the room. The clarity and response makes this little Marshall black box paired with my iPhone my new favorite sound system.True confessions – I did test a classic pedal bass response from Tracy Chapman’s “Mountain O’ Things”, and that’s where the Marshall can’t resolve the ultra bass response like my component sub-woofer; I didn’t expect it to. The bass it did render though was rich and deep; you could feel the air puffing out the back woofer port. Like the SoundLink, I got better sound when I let the music bounce off the back wall.Read more ›

  2. anonymous


    Where do i start?In my opinion, There is nothing that gets close to that unit on the market. amazing machine with amazing sound quality.Great power for the size…i have it for 2 days now, i tried a lot of different music genre, and they all sound amazing.Few tips.1. Wire connected (auxiliary) sound better than Bluetooth.2. If you use your phone, i really suggest you would buy Power Amp. (Android Only) Music application that will makes a huge different. in terms of quality.3. After a day of listening with my Samsung Galaxy S5 and being very very happy. i connect it to my Mac book pro. and for my surprise, I discover a whole new world. the difference in power and sound was double.4. Make sure all your music quality is at 320 Kbps (Bitrate)Final Thought.Bluetooth quality is not the best, but being in love with this baby, make me forget all about… i hard wire connect it…Price is very expensive, and again. after using it for 2 days i decide that it worth every pennyIf you have the money, please do not think twice. ive looked around more then enough to know. Good luck!

  3. anonymous


    Great speaker, awful Bluetooth connection that drops out from just 10 feet away even with no walls obstructing the signal. Buy this if you don’t mind using the provided audio cables to connect your device, because the low quality wireless connection rather defeats the point of having a nice speaker.

  4. anonymous


    Not to start things off on a negative note, but.. everyone else has covered how great this little power house sounds, so there’s no real need for me to reiterate that part in this review. (Because it’s true) What I’ll be focusing on, is how much of a shame it is that it sounds so great, but then have that experience be ruined due to stupid design flaws. After all, we ARE talking about a $400 unit, which no one seems to mention. I’m not going to defend Marshall based on their reputation, I’m going to scrutinize them for it, instead. Marshall have been in the speaker/amp/cabinet game for ages, and know what they’re doing in that respect.Why then, did they just jump head first into the mainstream bluetooth speaker game, without doing a bit more research? I guess this all sounds a bit dramatic right about now, but hear me out… All they had to do was make sure of one MAJOR thing upon releasing these new products. And that is to ensure the bluetooth part of it was 100% stable.Here we have, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Solid pieces of wood and carefully, neatly placed electronics. And somewhere on that logic board, there is a bluetooth controller, with a really, really … small antenna. Which might not have been an issue, had this thing been made out of the usual crap plastic that every other bluetooth speaker is made out of. Take for instance, my Big Jambox by Jawbone. The antenna in that thing can’t be any bigger than the one in the Marshall, yet.. I can go anywhere in my apartment with either the iPhone or the Nexus 4 and not one single, solitary break up or disconnect.Yet, I can be sitting 12 feet away from the Stanmore, with nearly a direct line of sight.. and it will break up like it was being hit by a bomb.Read more ›

  5. anonymous


    Just plugged this puppy in and configured my idevices to it. Sound is awesome. This blows out my other two Bluetooth speaker systems and my Home theatre system (separate sound bar and sub) in terms of sound quality. In the looks department it almost looks like a piece of art. Check out the pic.

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